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Crapo Opposes Attorney General Nomination

Cites concerns over Second Amendment interpretation

Washington, DC - Idaho Senator Mike Crapo voted today against the nomination of Eric Holder to become U.S. Attorney General. Holder was confirmed by a Senate vote of 75 to 21. Crapo is a long-time advocate for Second Amendment rights, and serves as Co-Chair of the Congressional Sportsmen's Caucus.

"There must be strong reasons to reject a new President's nominee but my 'nay' vote today is justified regarding Eric Holder's nomination to become Attorney General of the United States," said Crapo. "Holder's track record is one that many Idahoans take issue with. He is on record supporting a number of steps that would push back our Second Amendment rights and increase regulation to legally own firearms.

"Throughout his career, Holder has argued that the Second Amendment to the Constitution is not an individual right," Crapo added.  "The United States Supreme Court recently ruled to the contrary, and, while he acknowledges the Court's ruling, Holder refuses to articulate how his support for various gun control measures will be affected. Given his long-standing 'collective rights' interpretation of the Second Amendment and his enthusiastic support for aggressive gun control measures, one can reasonably conclude that Holder's views on the Second Amendment are not in the best interests of law-abiding gun owners. Holder's interpretation of this fundamental right certainly deserves a 'nay' vote on behalf of Idahoans."