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U.S. National Debt:

Crapo: Nation Needs More Leaders Like Chambliss

"Saxby represents a rare breed in a divided Congress.  He works tirelessly to solve some of our nation's most challenging issues and has continually taken bold stands to forge real solutions to our nation's biggest problems.  The epitome of a strong leader, he has the incredible ability to bring people together on a bipartisan basis in a highly-politicized environment to find real solutions to the issues affecting all Americans.  He is well-respected by his colleagues and fights hard not only for Georgia, but for the entire nation.

"I have gotten to know him very well through our service in the House and Senate, and even more so from our work as part of the so-called Gang of Six.  I consider him one of my closest friends and colleagues and will miss him greatly, as will the rest of the Senate and country.

"Our crushing national debt should be of paramount concern to every American and every member of Congress.  A balanced approach is the only way to find a path forward on critical issues such as deficit reduction and reforming our tax code to stimulate our economy and create jobs.  All Americans should appreciate people like Saxby Chambliss who come to the table to try to solve problems, not just talk about them."