February 23, 2005

Crapo Named To High-Tech Task Force

Selected by Frist to serve with Allard, Bennett, Burns, Smith and others

Washington, DC â?? Idahoâ??s high tech industries will gain a higher profile in the nationâ??s capital with Idaho Senator Mike Crapo being named a member of the Senate Republican High Tech Task Force. Crapo was selected for the task force by Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist and will serve for the duration of the 108th Congress.â??A significant portion of Idahoâ??s business growth in recent years has been generated by the high tech sector,â?? Crapo said. â??These high growth companies are facing significant challenges, and this task force gives me an avenue to focus on ways in which Congress can best assist in meeting those challenges. As technology continues to rapidly advance, we will undoubtedly continue to encounter unique problems and Congress must be ready to respond quickly when necessary. I am pleased to be asked to serve on this task force, and look forward to working even more closely with Idahoâ??s high tech industries to represent their interests to the task force members.â??Crapo serves on the Senate Banking Committee, which deals with many issues related to the task force. The Banking Committee efforts will complement the task force policy agenda as it works for enhancing free trade, protecting Internet privacy, promoting education and technology, keeping government out of competition and e-commerce businesses, and maintaining current treatment for stock options. Other members of the task force include: Wayne Allard (Colorado), George Allen (Virginia), Robert Bennett (Utah), Sam Brownback (Kansas), Jim Bunning (Kentucky), Conrad Burns (Montana), Kay Bailey Hutchison (Texas), Gordon Smith (Oregon), and John Sununu (New Hampshire).The task force was established in 1999 and provides Senate Leadership with input from the technology community. It has sponsored a number of high-tech related events on Capitol Hill, targeted at educating Senators and staff about technology issues. The task force provides an invaluable focus on high tech issues in Congress and serves as a vital link in helping the Senate understand the evolution occurring in the technology industry and how legislation will affect future growth and innovation. Issues expected to be considered by the task force include the impact on high tech companies of the current effort to require the expensing of stock options; encouraging the repatriation of foreign assets under the Invest in the U.S.A. Act; and guarding against digital piracy.# # #