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Crapo Meets With Veterans to Announce Health Reform Legislation; Joins Students to Celebrate Idaho's Role In Healthy School Lunches

Boise - Idaho Senator Mike Crapo will meet Monday at the Idaho Statehouse with Idaho veterans and veteran leadership to announce major reform legislation affecting health care and other veterans' services offered through the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.  Crapo is introducing the "Improving Veterans Care in the Community Act," S. 3401, which would make it easier for the federal agency to send veterans into their local communities for health care.  The bill consolidates existing, competing programs and works to address concerns raised by Idaho's veterans and private health care providers.   

"These changes are the result of a three-year effort we have undertaken to hear directly from Idaho veterans on how we can improve their health care," said Crapo.  "This bill enhances the VA's ability to send veterans into the community for care when they need it.  This plan makes it easier for the VA to manage its Care in the Community program while making it easier for veterans to use.  I am grateful for the advice and feedback folks in the veterans community provided me.  I can take this bill to my colleagues in Congress and tell them that I know this is what Idaho veterans want; I understand their needs and I'm prepared to fight for them." 

Later Monday, Crapo will travel to Twin Falls, where he will join 100 elementary students and leaders from Idaho's dairy industries and the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) to discuss the need for healthy, nutritional school food programs in advance of National School Lunch Week. 

Crapo has been the lead Senate Republican in efforts to include Idaho agricultural products like Greek yogurt, peas, lentils and chickpeas in the national school lunch program guidelines.  He will join students at Pillar Falls Elementary to sample nutritious Idaho products and speak about nutrition with leaders from the USDA, United Dairymen of Idaho, Glanbia, Chobani and the Twin Falls School District. 

Crapo's schedule includes these events: 

Monday, October 3:

Boise         11:00 AM     Announces veterans' health care reform legislation, Idaho  Statehouse, West Wing, Lower Level, Room WW55.

                                          Meets with veterans afterward.


Twin Falls   2:30 PM       Joins 100 students from Twin Falls and leaders from the USDA,  United Dairymen of Idaho,

                                           Glanbia and  Chobani to discuss Idaho's role in supplying nutritious offerings for Idaho students. 

                                           At Pillar Falls Elementary School, 3105 Stadium Boulevard.