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Crapo Maintains Perfect Record In Championing Private Property Rights

League of Private Property Voters names Crapo one of â??Six Special Senatorsâ??

Washington, DC â?? For the eleventh year in a row, Idaho Senator Mike Crapo has been named a â??Champion of Private Property Rightsâ?? by a national coalition of grassroots private property rights organizations. Crapo was also recognized by the League of Private Property Voters (LPPV) as one of â??Six Special Senatorsâ?? for his leadership in defending private property interests. This year, Crapo received a 100% score on the votes considered by the LPPV.â??I am proud to hold a record of support for private property rights and ownership,â?? Crapo said. â??It is an honor to be recognized as a champion of this constitutional principle. Many Idahoans are very concerned about private property rights. We must remain vigilant against efforts to intrude upon those rights. The American family should feel peace of mind about their homes, property, and jobs. Those rights are one of the cornerstones of our Constitution and must be protected from federal intrusion.â??The LPPV is a coalition of more than 600 grassroots organizations that advocate the rights of property owners and includes farmers, ranchers, woodlot owners, residents of rural communities, recreational property owners, and owners of private property within and adjacent to federal lands. Also among the membership are hunters, snowmobilers, foresters, miners, equestrians, cabin permittees, and others who make productive use of federal lands.This is the fifteenth annual vote review release by the LPPV. Votes reviewed this year were chosen as the â??most important snapshots demonstrating protection of the constitutional rights of property owners against a powerful and overbearing government.â?? Nine Senate votes were considered in this yearâ??s rankings, including the Healthy Forests bill. Crapo was a co-sponsor of the Healthy Forests measure and was recognized publicly by President Bush as being instrumental in its passage.For more information on the vote review visit: