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Crapo: Iraqi Constitution Is Beacon For Democracy In The Middle East

Notes progress in Iraqi security forces

Washington, DC â??The strong turnout and endorsement of the Iraqi constitution by the Iraqi people brought praise from Idaho Senator Mike Crapo, who spent time in late June in Baghdad and Fallujah, and noted great progress among Iraqi security forces along with the formation of democratic rule to the country. â??The people of Iraq are sacrificing for the spread of democracy within their country and are defending it with pride,â?? Crapo said. â??While I was in Iraq, I had a brief opportunity to meet with one of the drafters of the constitution and understand that reaching democracy in Iraq will certainly face challenges, but future Iraqi generations who will live under this constitution will be able to live in a country of freedom. In that short meeting, it was evident to me that the light of freedom and democracy burns brightly in Iraq as its citizens struggle to overcome the obstacles confronting it. During my visit, I saw Iraqis taking charge of their own affairs, securing their cities and neighborhoods, and this constitution is a clear sign of Iraqi independence. I look forward to the time that is growing ever closer when American and international assistance is no longer necessary in Iraq.â??Parliamentary elections under this new constitution are expected to take place on December 15th.