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Votes against spending bill containing mandated pullout of troops

Washington, DC - Idaho Senator Mike Crapo voted against passage of a supplemental spending bill that contained a mandated deadline for troops to leave Iraq because it sends the wrong message to U.S. troops, terrorists, and all Americans. The supplemental spending bill passed on a 51-47 vote and is very likely to be vetoed by President Bush."I don't believe Congress alone is the entity that should be making the decision about troop management in the field," Crapo said. "No matter your opinion on the Iraqi conflict, this is not the way to do business regarding spending and foreign policy. I support a fair and detailed debate over our involvement in Iraq, but forcing deadlines on our troops removes the chance to let strategy, including diplomacy, work in the Middle East. We are sending the wrong message to our troops, the terrorists, and our foreign partners working to find solutions to this conflict. This mandate hamstrings our military commanders and supporting it is the wrong direction for the nation at this time."