October 18, 2013

Crapo Extends Internship Application Deadline And Invites Idaho Students to Apply

Washington, D.C. - Due to the government shutdown during the first few weeks of October,Idaho Senator Mike Crapo announced today that he will extend the application deadline for the internship program in spring of 2014.  Students now have until November 15, 2013,to submit an application to be considered for a position within one of the Senator's seven offices.

Each semester, Senator Crapo welcomes students to his office to serve internships in both Washington, D.C., and in his regional offices throughout Idaho.  The internship experience provides students a unique opportunity to learn about Congress and the legislative process first-hand.  Interns assist the Senator and his staff with legislative research, constituent servicesand communications operations, as well asattending congressional hearings and providing tours of the U.S. Capitol to visiting Idahoans. 

To learn more about internships offered through Crapo's office and access application materials, please visit the intern section of the website at https://www.crapo.senate.gov/services/interns.cfm.  Due to unanticipated delays in mail delivery on Capitol Hill, students who are applying are encouraged to email, not mail, their materials to Crapo's D.C.office.  Applications can be addressed to the attention of Madeline Kroll, Internship Coordinator, and emailed to Madeline_kroll@crapo.senate.gov.  Further questions can be directed to the intern coordinator in the Washington, D.C., office, 202-224-6142.