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Senate approves increased disclosure on spending

Washington, DC â?? A vote tonight in the U.S. Senate on earmark reforms will save taxpayer dollars by limiting government spending, according to Idaho Senator Mike Crapo. Crapo voted to support a Republican amendment offered by Senator Jim DeMint (R-South Carolina) which provides for increased transparency in the budgeting process with broad disclosure of earmarks for individual spending projects. The amendment is part of overall lobbying reform the Senate is working on this week.â??This 98-0 vote shows that Senators are united behind reform of the spending process. We need greater transparency and accountability. Taxpayers will get a better look at who is requesting what amounts for what projects. The bottom line is there is likely to be fewer of them and we can move forward with yet another tool to reduce our budget deficit as we continue to move closer to a balanced budget,â?? Crapo said.To directly link to this news release, please use the following address: