November 07, 2007


Measure also contains wildland firefighting funding

Washington, DC - Idaho stands to gain in funding for federal defense-related work within the state under a measure approved by the U.S. Congress and now in conference. Idaho Senator Mike Crapo successfully requested funding for a number of Idaho projects for universities, military operations and work at the Idaho National Laboratory (INL). Both the U.S. Senate and the House of Representatives are expected to finalize work on the Defense Appropriations conference report this week.

The conference report on the measure, H.R. 3222, the FY2008 Department of Defense Appropriations Act, also contains funding for wildland firefighting efforts. Crapo said he would be contacting the Secretaries of Interior and Agriculture to ensure some of that funding is directed toward Idaho.

"Idaho is well-placed to contribute to the national security of our country," Crapo said. "The projects funded in the Defense Appropriations bill cover everything from improved technology and equipment to cutting edge protection research and development. I am pleased to have supported these projects that will make our troops safer as they work to keep our nation free. In particular, the Tabletop Trainer Program involving the Idaho Guard is worth noting, as it provides an important component in keeping our soldiers at the peak of training readiness while they are deployed for combat operations."

Among the projects supported by Crapo are several for the Army National Guard, which will provide needed equipment and training tools for the Idaho Army National Guard and Air National Guard. The Department of Defense determines the funding figures for these projects, which include .LITENING 4th Generation Advanced Targeting Pod Procurement for F-16s and A-10s, and Up-Armored HMMWV and Tactical Truck Crew Trainers, as well as $16.5 million for various projects at Idaho's universities. Additional projects include:

American Semiconductor, Inc:
• Systematic Approach to Radiation Hardened Electronics $2.4 million
Army National Guard:
• Tabletop Gunnery Trainers (TGT), Tabletop Full-fidelity Trainers
(TFT) and Tabletop Maneuver Trainers (TMT) Table Top Trainers $4 million
Boise State University :
• Credibility Assessment Research Initiative $1.6 million
• Reconfigurable Electronics and Non-Volatile Memory Research $2 million
• DNA Safeguard $1.36 million
• Semiconductor-based Nanotechnology Applications $800,000
• 3-D Technology for Advanced Sensor Systems $2.4 million
• West Nile Virus Vaccine $940,000
Boise Technology, Inc:
• Research on Molecular Approach to Hazardous
Materials Decontamination $1.2 million
Idaho State University:
• Small Accelerators and Detections Systems for
National Security Applications $1.6 million
University of Idaho:
• Evaluating ELF Signals in Maritime Environments $1.6 million
• Ultra Low Power Electronics for Special Purpose Computers $1.04 million
• Electromagnetic Signature Assessment System
Using Multiple Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (Bayview) $2 million
Idaho National Laboratory:
• Survivability Program $1.5 million
• Electromagnetic Warfare Modeling, Simulation, and
Wireless Testing Center $3.6 million

Crapo also noted the inclusion of increased wildland firefighting funds. He called the fund "critical" and has worked with state, federal, local and tribal officials on the matter in response to Idaho's terrible fire season this year. "It is necessary to ensure that a portion of the increased funds are provided to Idaho for emergency wildfire suppression and to replenish funds depleted in the firefighting activities in Idaho," Crapo said. "Idaho and other states facing wildland fires must have the resources to fully address the dangers presented by this kind of disaster."