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Crapo â??Dismayed By Politicsâ?? In Estrada Case

First-ever Hispanic D.C. circuit judge candidate withdraws name today

Washington, DC - Partisan politics have apparently destroyed the chances for the nationâ??s first Hispanic to serve as a U.S. Circuit Court judge in Washington, DC, and Idaho Senator Mike Crapo today condemned the actions preventing a simple up or down vote to confirm Miguel Estradaâ??s nomination. Crapo said the actions by Democrats in blocking a vote seven times in the Estrada case may not bode well for judicial nominations in general:â??I am dismayed that political tactics have blocked the name of a good man, and our first Hispanic, from receiving full consideration and a vote for service on the U.S. Circuit Court here in Washington,â?? Crapo said. â??Miguel Estrada and his family are victims of partisan politics, and the refusal to confirm judicial nominations has no end in sight. Idaho is trying to add a third federal district judge; will our efforts be thwarted by a United States Senate so bent on playing politics that we have judicial gridlock?â??â??The public has indicated they support Estrada through phone calls, polling, and public events,â?? Crapo added. â??These obstructionist tactics should not stop a good judge from federal service and I regret Mr. Estrada has withdrawn his name from consideration.â??# # #