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Crapo: Customs and Border Protection Nominee Faces Massive Challenges

Border crisis and trade challenges require strong leadership

Washington, D.C.--At a nomination hearing to consider Chris Magnus to be Commissioner of the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP), Senate Finance Committee Ranking Member Mike Crapo (R-Idaho) highlighted the heavy responsibilities the position bears during normal times, and emphasized the border crisis makes the job even more challenging.  Crapo also highlighted trade practices important to Idaho. 


To view Senator Crapo’s full opening remarks, click HERE.

Key Excerpts: 

“Under normal circumstances, overseeing all of this work would require extraordinary skill, experience, and judgment.  But these are not normal times. 

Specifically, I am referring to the heartbreaking situation unfolding on our southern border. . . the men and women of CBP have been left demoralized and adrift by the Administration’s approach.  In sum, the crisis--and that is precisely what it is--is absolutely unacceptable.  This Committee must ensure that CBP is headed by someone who has the requisite ability and commitment to end it as soon as possible. . . Failing to ensure as much will only prolong this tragedy.” 


“CBP also undertakes sophisticated investigations to ensure our customs laws are properly enforced.  This includes identifying actors who try to smuggle goods made with forced labor into the United States or evade our antidumping or countervailing duties. . . Softwood lumber producers in my home state of Idaho rely on antidumping and countervailing measures to combat unfair trade--and CBP’s work ensures that those measures are effective.” 

Full text of Senator Crapo’s remarks can be found here.