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Lance Cpl. Dustin Birch dies in Iraq

Washington, DC â?? Idaho Senator Mike Crapo today sent his condolences to the parents of a St. Anthony native serving with the Marines in Iraq. Lance Cpl. Dustin V. Birch died Friday when the Humvee he was riding in hit a land mine. "My thoughts and prayers go out to Corporal Birchâ??s family in St. Anthony over this tragic loss and I commend Dustin for his service to our country in Iraq. His story is particularly tragic as I understand he and his fellow Marines were on patrol in a tank near Haklaniyah. The troops, including Dustin, came under fire. They returned fire and were able to escape the disabled tank only to board a Humvee that subsequently struck a land mine and all inside lost their lives. Dustinâ??s service and bravery are an example for all of us who cherish our freedoms. His is a tremendous loss for his family, his circle of loved ones in St. Anthony, and all Idahoans.â??