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Crapo Co-Sponsors Pledge Protection Act

Act will safeguard Idaho schools from court rulings

Washington, DC â??Idaho Senator Mike Crapo is co-sponsoring the Pledge Protection Act (S. 1046) to protect the Pledge of Allegiance from being removed from schools, after a U.S. District Court Judge in California ruled the reciting of the Pledge of Allegiance in public schools unconstitutional last week. The measure would bar federal courts, appellate courts, and the Supreme Court from hearing or deciding on any rulings regarding the interpretation of the Pledge of Allegiance under the Constitution. Currently, the ruling only pertains to a few schools in California, but if the Ninth Circuit Court upholds the ruling after an appeals process, all states within the Ninth Circuit jurisdiction would be subject to the ruling, including Idaho.â??The Pledge of Allegiance is a symbol of commitment to America and needs to be protected,â?? Crapo said. â??The Pledge is woven throughout history and it is important that our children and future generations are instilled with the value of patriotism, of which the Pledge is a part.â??This bill comes after the Senate, with the support of Crapo, also passed a resolution (S. Res. 243) expressing strong disapproval of last weekâ??s ruling regarding the Pledge of Allegiance.