May 16, 2006

Crapo Calls For Border Security And Comprehensive Immigration Reform

I agree with the President that America must be both a welcoming and lawful society. Comprehensive immigration reform can fulfill those needs and I welcome that debate back into the Senate. We must secure our nationâ??s borders. Iâ??m encouraged that the President is going to commit the necessary manpower and technology, including the National Guard, to assure that illegal entry into our country is stopped. Our borders must be brought under control and these tools will help us build the foundation for a workable guest worker program. However, I remain opposed to granting an advantage toward gaining citizenship to those who have illegally entered the country. Granting amnesty in this way creates further incentives for illegal immigration and is unfair to those who follow the law. The United States needs a guest worker program that provides employers with a reliable and legal system to provide jobs for guest workers. This must be done while ensuring that Americans have the first right to available jobs. I will work with my Senate colleagues to try to craft a sensible immigration policy that meets these criteria.