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Crapo Calls Administrationâ??s Disapproval of Keystone XL Pipeline Project Unacceptable

"It is unacceptable for the President to walk away from a commonsense project that would provide energy from a stable, allied trading partner while also creating much-need jobs domestically," said Crapo.  "It should come as no surprise that after seven years of unnecessary delays, the President has again failed to exercise true leadership. During that time, five environmental impact studies were completed that all found no significant impact on the environment would result from the Keystone proposal.  Instead, the President opted to exercise no leadership and lectured Congress that if we really want to create jobs, we should do so through embracing his preferred sources of energy for the nation. We need a strong, balanced energy portfolio that keeps energy costs from rising for those who can least afford it.  This project would have been a critically important component in helping our nation achieve that balance.  Given the potential benefits of this proposal, the President and his Administration today chose to abandon the American people by not seizing an opportunity to further bolster the nation's economic recovery."