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Blueprint for second term will ensure better, stronger country

Washington, DC â?? Idaho Senator Mike Crapo praised President Bushâ??s State of the Union address this evening, saying that the President has set a blueprint for his second term that will ensure a better, stronger country for future generations. â??With the State of the Union and Inaugural addresses delivered just days apart, President Bush has had an important opportunity to lay out his domestic and foreign policy goals,â?? Crapo said. â??Tonight he clearly set forth an ambitious agenda that will touch the lives of Americans for generations. Without a doubt, the Social Security system needs to be addressed, and I agree with the President that we must confront this problem now. It is imperative that we continue building on the economic momentum we have seen in the last few years. Americans should have the opportunity to keep more of what they earn and we must also find ways to reduce ever-burgeoning federal spending. â??Regarding foreign policy, the tribute given to our men and women in the military was very important. So many have made the ultimate sacrifice and we still have many thousands of Americans in harmâ??s way. Events in the past few days have demonstrated how important freedom is to others in the world, not just to Americans, and it is my hope that we as a country will stand behind our military forces and stand as a beacon of freedom for the rest of the world. â??One of the greatest challenges we will face as Congress takes a look at the Presidentâ??s agenda is the intractability that has been encountered in recent years. We simply must look beyond partisan goals and find common ground as Americans. It is imperative that the Members of Congress recognize that partisanship will not serve the American people. I look forward to a spirited, full debate about these issues as we move through the 109th Congress.â?? # # #