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Crapo Brings Idaho Health Care Stories to the Senate Floor

Speech calls attention to 100,000 Idahoans losing health insurance coverage as a result of Obamacare

Washington, D.C.-Idaho Senator Mike Crapo spoke on the Senate floor today to share the experiences of Idahoans who are among over three million Americans now losing their health care coverage and facing much higher premiums due to the new standards included in Affordable Care Act. 

Crapo shared the story of Jennifer, from Salmon, whose current health care coverage costs her family $375 per month, but now Jennifer has learned that her current plan is no longer available under the health care law.  The next available plan to her family will cost $900 per month with a $10,000 deductible. 

Crapo also spoke of Kelly from Boise, another hardworking mother, who is considering taking the penalty fine for being uninsured under the new law as it will be a more feasible option for her family at this time.

"To date, millions of Americans, including over 100,000 in Idaho, have received cancelation notices announcing their current health insurance plans are being discontinued despite the oft-repeated promise that Obamacare would protect existing plans," said Crapo.  "We learned yesterday that the number of people who have had their health insurance dropped far exceeds the 106,000 the administration suggests have newly enrolled through the exchanges.  The newest White House policy reversal further undermines the credibility of the unpopular law. 

"Americans are angry that the government is forcing them out of the coverage they like and works for them.  The president's announcement gives only some Americans an additional year of relief from the failures of Obamacare, but it leaves the law on the books and doesn't address the tax hikes, the vastly escalating insurance rates or other problems.  The American people want a permanent solution for these drops in coverage, not a temporary fix that exacerbates public confusion about Obamacare."

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