September 16, 2015

Crapo Blasts Weak Iran Deal on Senate Floor

Says agreement does not stop Iran from obtaining nuclear weapon, lacks adequate inspection and verification measures

Washington, D.C. -Idaho Senator Mike Crapo took to the Senate Floor this afternoon to outline his strong opposition to the President's nuclear agreement with Iran.   Crapo says the deal does not stop Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon and will all but guarantee Iran is able to continue its aggression in the middle east and beyond.  The Senator also made note during his remarks of the Administration's failure to secure the release of Boise Pastor Saeed Abedini and other Americans being held prisoner in Iran from the outset of the negotiations.

"We cannot forget that Iran is a regime with a history of sponsoring terrorism against Americans and our allies and a regime which continues to threaten the existence of Israel," said Crapo during his remarks on the Senate Floor.  "This agreement changes the United States policy toward Iran, but does very little, if anything, to change Iran's aggressive nature.  Iranian leaders have already renewed their threats to Israel and continue to call the United States the 'Great Satan' and have rejected the Administration's hope publicly that the agreement will lead to better cooperation with Iran…This agreement is dangerous.  It is dangerous to the security interests of the United States.  It is dangerous to the security interests of the world.  It is destabilizing in the Middle East and it contains very, very serious potential consequences for the future security of all Americans and, frankly, for people throughout the world."

Video of the full speech can be found on the Senator's YouTube channel.