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Crapo Announces 2021 Academy Nominations

Nominations made to U.S. Military Service Academies for the 2021-2022 Academic Year

Washington, D.C.--U.S. Senator Mike Crapo (R-Idaho) announced the nomination of 52 young Idahoans to the nation’s military academies.  The U.S. service academies will review the students’ applications and make final decisions on admittance.  Eight students received nominations to more than one academy. 

“The U.S. military academies are filled with top-tier students from across the nation who have expressed a deep commitment to country and service,” said Crapo.  “Idaho has many promising young leaders, and these 52 nominees have indicated a willingness to pursue higher education at one of the esteemed academies.  These students have much to be proud of, and I look forward to seeing their continued successes resulting from their hard work.” 

Each year, U.S. Senators and Representatives nominate students to four of the service academies.  The academies then select from the students nominated.  Crapo made nominations to the U.S. Military Academy (West Point), the U.S. Naval Academy, the U.S. Air Force Academy and the Merchant Marine Academy.  To qualify for a nomination, each student submitted an application and references and met certain scholastic requirements under a deadline.  A nomination does not guarantee acceptance.  Those wishing to apply for future nominations should contact Karen Roetter in Crapo's North Idaho Office in Coeur d'Alene at (208) 664-5490. 

U.S. Senator Mike Crapo's 2021 Academy Nominations are below:   

U.S.Military Academy at West Point

1. Rachel Engels, Meridian

2. Avery Konecni, Boise

3. Bren Legarreta, Boise

4. Boone Phillips, Nampa

5. Elizabeth Robison, Boise

6. Michael Schlothauer, Post Falls

7. Annika Scott, Idaho Falls

8. Holden Sopoti, Meridian

9. Anna Wang, Eagle

10. Lacy Yates, Emmett 

U.S. Naval Academy

1. Kae’la Brown, Meridian

2. Darcie Bushee, Boise

3. Madeline Carswell, Boise

4. Isabella DeLeon, Boise

5. Kobie DeLeonard, Coeur d’Alene

6. Austin Durfee, Eagle

7. Marcella Fisher, Hailey

8. Lauren Forster, Hayden

9. Molly Fuller, Boise

10. James Griffin, Sandpoint

11. Gracie Johnson, Boise

12. Samuel Kerley, Boise

13. Avery Konecni, Boise

14. Nathan Patchen, Boise

15. Madison Peterson, Meridian

16. Elizabeth Robison, Boise

17. Evan Schulte, Boise

18. Annika Scott, Idaho Falls

19. Thomas Symms, Caldwell

20. Abigail Thomson, Boise 

U.S. Air Force Academy

1. Nuha Akhtar, Boise

2. Nicholas Bisagno, Boise

3. Darcie Bushee, Boise

4. Caleb Colson, Nampa

5. Brynn Crownover, Boise

6. Reed Eddington, Idaho Falls

7. Grace Fort, Jerome

8. Emily Foster, Boise

9. Dawson Fox, Caldwell

10. Kyle Garner, Eagle

11. Mason Kilker, Meridian

12. Elliot Lim, Meridian

13. Olivia Love, Star

14. Riley McGarry, Boise

15. Steven Newcomer, Emmett

16. Renata Russell, Boise

17. Spencer Severance, Boise

18. Jaxon Smith, Star

19. Maxwell Spielman, Boise

20. Reagan Stonhill, Ammon 

U.S. Merchant Marine Academy

1. Brynn Crownover, Boise

2. Dawson Fox, Caldwell

3. James Griffin, Sandpoint

4. Grace Jackson, Parma

5. Abigail Miller, Hansen

6. Timothy Simpson, Meridian

7. Holden Sopoti, Meridian

8. Reagan Stonhill, Ammon

9. Abigail Thomson, Boise

10. Mja Towner, Weiser