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Crapo And Craig Salute Reagan And His Legacy

Senators to attend memorial and funeral services this week

Washington, DC â?? Idaho Senators Larry Craig and Mike Crapo joined with their Senate colleagues this morning to honor the memory and legacy of the late President Ronald Reagan. S. Res. 373, the Ronald Wilson Reagan Commemorative Resolution, was passed unanimously by the Senate. The resolution expresses the Senateâ??s â??profound sorrow and deep regretâ?? of the death of President Reagan and notes â??his illustrious statesmanship, his leadership in national and world affairs, his distinguished public service to his state and his nation.â?? The resolution will be delivered to Reaganâ??s family.Craig said, â??I reflected this morning on the wonderful opportunity we have this week to honor President Ronald Reagan. His story is one that embodies the American dream -- a rise from poverty to the Presidency riding on the opportunities America offers. Reagan came to Washington to give every American the same opportunities to excel. His politics reflected his principles and his generosity came from his heart. While he would never claim it himself, the world was a much better place because of him.â??â??President Reagan made a profound impact on our world and, in fact, changed the face of the international community,â?? Crapo said. â??The outpouring we have seen in the last five days are a testament to how beloved and influential the President was during his lifetime. Much has been said about his optimism and humor, and we also recall his steadfast beliefs. Ronald Reagan left our world a much better place because of his desire to foster democracy and destroy communism, and he created a legacy that will mark him as one of the most important and effective Presidents our country has ever seen.â??Reagan passed away at age 93 on Saturday, June 5. His body is due to arrive at the U.S. Capitol this evening for a memorial service in the Capitol Rotunda. Crapo and Craig both plan to attend the service as well as the state funeral on Friday at the Washington Cathedral. Public viewing of the flag-draped casket in the Capitol Rotunda will begin this evening following the memorial service and will run around the clock until Friday morning.# # #