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U.S. National Debt:

Crapo Among Most Conservative Members of Senate

National Journal, ACU conservative ratings put Crapo near top of list

Washington, D.C. - For over 30 years, the National Journal has rated members of Congress on their conservative records, and Idaho Senator Mike Crapo has been ranked third in the U.S. Senate for his voting scorecard in 2011.  The respected publication determines ratings based on select roll-call votes from previous years to create an ideological scale for Congress, including votes regarding economic, foreign and social policy issues.  The publication gave Crapo high marks for his leadership on issues such as deficit reduction, tax reform and health care.

"During this time of economic turmoil, each vote that Congress takes, and the impact it will have on our economy, is critical," Crapo said.  "Idahoans share my concern that the biggest threat to our country right now is our burgeoning national debt.  With each vote, we must continue to fight for conservative policies that will reduce spending, cut through red tape and put our country back on a responsible fiscal path."

The American Conservative Union (ACU) also recently released its Congressional Ratings for 2011.  Listed as one of the "standouts" in the Senate, Crapo scored a 95 percent by its standards.  The ACU selects votes in a similar fashion to the National Journal, choosing votes that create clear ideological distinction among those casting them, including votes on taxes and wasteful government spending.  In his 19 years of service, Crapo's overall score with the ACU is 92.82 percent.

For more information on 2011 ratings, please visit the National Journaland ACU.