February 02, 2005

Crapo: Abuse Of Neither Prisoners NorAmericans Should Be Tolerated

Senator says actions proceeding in both cases

Washington, DC - Idaho Senator Mike Crapo reacted today to developments in Iraq involving both the murder of a U.S. civilian by insurgents and the release of more photos showing abuse in the Abu Ghraib Prison.â??I join all Americans in expressing shock, outrage, and a demand for justice in the killing of American Nick Berg. All indications point to the fact he was an innocent bystander caught in a savage act aimed to upset fellow Americans, and I join with other Senators in seeking swift justice to avenge his murder.â??Americans should also be disturbed about the release of more photos detailing the abuse of Iraqi prisoners. America follows the highest standards and we must continue the criminal investigation into these abuses to determine the full extent of all violations of the Geneva Convention and all applicable codes of military conduct. This criminal investigation will determine guilt and innocence, but these investigations should not deter us from the fight for freedom in Iraq and defeating the kind of terrorism that so savagely took the life of an innocent American. # # #