February 23, 2005

Crapo: A Time to Support, Pray for Troops

Senator reacts to onset of conflict in Iraq

Washington, DC - Idaho Senator Mike Crapo tonight encouraged all Idahoans to support and pray for U.S. troops now that the conflict in Iraq is underway. Crapo issued the following statement:â??It is indeed tragic that the lives of many men and women are now being put in harmâ??s way because Iraqi leaders would not to conform to international resolutions that would have brought a peaceful end to this conflict. Sadly, we are seeing Iraq refuse to voluntarily end its support of terrorism and stop the threat from the weapons of mass destruction Iraq possesses.â??My heart and my prayers are with our troops and their families tonight. This is a time for support of all of those brave Americans being put at risk to defend our national security. We will win this conflict and end the multiple threats of weapons, terrorism, and continued instability in the Middle East the Iraqi dictator represents. â??Every generation of Americans has faced the need to protect our freedoms, and we live in a new age where innocent Americans have died at the hands of terrorists. Our President has made the difficult decision that our national security is on the line and I fully support his decision. â??Our President and the men and women in our armed forces will protect our freedom and continue to make our nation secure. We owe them our support, our prayers, and our hopes that this conflict is over as soon as possible.â??# # #