February 04, 2005

Craig, Crapo Support Nuclear Power Expansion

Senators sponsor measure recognizing the value of nuclear power generation

WASHINGTON, DC â?? Idaho Senators Larry Craig and Mike Crapo joined a bipartisan group of Senators today in introducing a Senate Concurrent Resolution supporting the expansion of nuclear power. The Resolution acknowledges that Congress recognizes the essential role of and supports the increased use of nuclear power. The Resolution recognizes the value of nuclear power in generating safe, consistent, affordable, and emission-free electricity. Currently twenty percent of our nationâ??s electricity is generated by nuclear power. â??Nuclear power is our safest and most environmentally friendly form of energy because it emits no air pollution,â?? said Senator Craig. â??France and Japan long ago recognized both its environmental value and its contribution to energy security, and they rely heavily on nuclear power for their energy needs. For our economic security and our environment we need to increase nuclear power to at least thirty percent of our electricity supply in this country.â?? â??Nuclear power represents a flexible solution to world environmental pollution problems, our national energy security concerns, and economic growth,â?? said Senator Crapo. â??Expansion of this resource through education, research, and development will allow the United States to become a leader in pollution reduction and sustainable energy production.â?? Senators Craig and Crapo are strong supporters of constructing an advanced Generation IV nuclear reactor in eastern Idaho at the Idaho National Laboratory. Generation IV reactors produce less waste, limit the proliferation of nuclear materials, and utilize passive safety systems. Click here to access the text of the Resolution on Senator Craigâ??s website. To link directly to this release, please use the following link: http://craig.senate.gov/releases/pr100604a.htm. [30]