September 11, 2008

Auger Falls Legislation Passes Committee

Crapo bill grants ownership to the City of Twin Falls

Washington, DC - The City of Twin Falls will make important gains in recreation and water access along with a wastewater project under legislation sponsored by Idaho Senator Mike Crapo and approved today by the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee. The legislation, which affects the Auger Falls area of the Snake River Canyon, would transfer to the City of Twin Falls four parcels of land now managed by the Bureau of Land Management.

"Final approval of the Auger Falls legislation will allow Twin Falls to move ahead with its plans to complete a recreation center and park that is a key element to economic and recreational development within the city," Crapo said. "I am proud to have worked with Senator Larry Craig to plan for this transfer of land from the federal government, as well as to see that federal funds are made available for the development of the park."

The measure now goes to the full Senate. The land transfer involves 165 acres in the Snake River Canyon on the north edge of the city.