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Crapo applauds increase in funding for victims of family violence

Idaho Falls , ID - At the start of a week working in Idaho, Idaho Senator Mike Crapo reiterated his support of the additional funding included in the Senate Fiscal Year 2008 Department of Justice appropriations for victims of family and dating violence, including specific funding for Native American women who are victims of violence.  


"I appreciate the efforts in recent months on the part of family violence prevention advocates at local, state and national levels, my colleague Senator Joe Biden, and members of the Senate Appropriations Committee who worked together in recent months to ensure that needed funding for intervention, prevention and awareness of family and dating violence is preserved and enhanced in this year's Department of Justice funding," said Crapo.   "The Violence Against Women Act, or VAWA has helped countless victims of domestic and relationship violence for well over ten years.   I'm pleased to be able to advocate here in Congress for the good work that our advocates do across Idaho and across the nation to help innocent adult and children victimized by family members and dating partners.   Thanks to their work, our communities are more aware of the crime of family violence, and prevention efforts are opening doors to healthier interpersonal relationships and behavior."


Crapo added, "The particular tragic plight of Indian women has received national attention in recent years.   VAWA contains targeted funding for these women who experience the highest rates of domestic and partner violence of any population group.   I applaud the daily efforts of those who help all Idaho victims of violence and I commend their tireless work making strong and successful stands against family violence in Idaho."


"This is a great victory in the fight against domestic violence for programs here in Idaho and around the nation," said Sue Fellen, Executive Director of the Idaho Coalition Against Sexual & Domestic Violence.  "Thanks to Senator Crapo's leadership, Congress is providing more resources to meet the needs of victims and their families."


The Office of Violence Against Women (OVW) in the U.S. Department of Justice administers VAWA funding.   In the Senate bill, which will be resolved in conference with the House bill after the 4 th of July state work period, OVW received $19.9 million more than the Administration requested bringing the total to $390 million.   The Senate also rejected a proposal by the Administration to combine all VAWA grants into a competitive consolidated grant.   This proposal was criticized by Idaho victims' advocates as well as national victims' advocacy organizations.   Crapo is credited as a leader in keeping funds intact.