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Weekly Column: Hearing From Idahoans

Guest column submitted by U.S. Senator Mike Crapo

Often, I am asked “what is the best part of my job,” and there are really wonderful parts of being a United States Senator representing our great state—including being able to help make a difference on so many issues.  But, the very best part is getting to visit with Idahoans all across our wonderful state to hear directly about what is on your minds and how you want our country to be governed.  It is truly rewarding and extremely helpful. 

During the August state work period, I held 29 unincorporated town meetings.  Topics discussed during these meetings ranged from investigating the personal data of Americans being gathered against their wishes to new privacy and financial concerns driven by the actions of corporations such as Facebook.  Other topics that came up were the legislation I introduced to limit robocall phone calls, the country’s new job creation, the economy and tax reform and the record number of federal judges being approved by the U.S. Senate.  During my time in Idaho, I had the privilege of honoring Latah County Sheriff Richard Skiles with the Spirit of Idaho Award for helping residents of a mobile home park amid a local disaster event.  I also presented the City of Carey with a Congressional Record Statement in honor of its Centennial Celebration.

Listening is the reason for these meetings.  Hearing directly from Idahoans about the issues that matter helps ensure your voices are heard in Washington, D.C., and guides my work on your behalf.  These meetings held so far in unincorporated communities build on the town meetings I held in all 200 of Idaho’s incorporated cities and have allowed me to reach into areas of the state seldom visited by most non-residents.  I continually announce upcoming visits to unincorporated towns through the “Newsroom” portion of my website,, and a map of past town meetings is available at

Nevertheless, busy schedules do not always enable Idahoans to attend my town meetings, and your input is very helpful in guiding my efforts in the Senate on your behalf.  It helps me better understand how federal policies affect everyday life and assists with identifying needed change.  Please feel free to contact me anytime with your thoughts about the issues of importance to you.  My contact information is accessible through the following link:

Thank you for the warmth and hospitality felt in Idaho communities.  Thank you for your guidance and thoughtful direction.  Along the way, Idahoans have welcomed me at community landmarks, businesses, schools, libraries, city halls, community centers, parks, police and fire stations, senior centers, service organizations and into their homes.  I am grateful for your kindness, a staple in Idaho, and encouragement and look forward to visiting with many more Idahoans throughout our great state. 

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