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U.S. National Debt:

Thank You For Your Thoughts And Ideas

Guest column submitted by U.S. Senator Mike Crapo

Idaho is full of thoughtful and creative people with good ideas about how to strengthen and improve our nation.  In August and earlier this month, I hosted town hall meetings and other public events across Idaho where I visited directly with hundreds of Idahoans who provided helpful input and encouragement as we tackle national challenges.

From my forums in Twin Falls, Meridian, Coeur d'Alene, Rexburg, Weiser and Driggs, and in other large gatherings across Idaho, the message was clear:  Idahoans are frustrated that Congress continues to fight political battles instead of working together to get results.  I heard time and again the concern of Idahoans who rightly wonder when the President and Congress will fully address the country's debt and deficit that is stifling economic growth.  Continued efforts to spend our way out of the nation's fiscal crisis rather than controlling spending, tax hikes and overregulation are not wanted.  Congress must act immediately to make the economy stronger, and the deficit spending must stop.

I have worked together with colleagues to develop proposals, including the Gang of Six proposal, to set our nation on a more sound course through controlling federal spending, cutting our deficits by $4 trillion, cutting taxes, growing the economy, reforming the regulatory policies negatively impacting job creators, expanding market opportunities for U.S. businesses and instituting an energy policy that provides for affordable energy options.  America needs immediate action on these solutions. 

Approximately 100 people attended the town hall meeting in Coeur d'Alene, where much of the discussion focused on the economy, and the national deficit and debt.  Attendees shared the resounding message of dissatisfaction with political leaders failing to work together to solve our nation's pressing problems.  A similar message prevailed during the meeting in Twin Falls, which was attended by approximately 50 people.  The topics discussed included a general concern with federal regulatory overreach, including a need to rein in overly burdensome rules.  The need to control federal spending, including entitlement program spending, and suggestions of suitable spending reductions were also shared to control budget deficits and our national debt.   

In Meridian, nearly 130 people attended the meeting and shared views regarding the need for action to grow the economy and American jobs.  Constituents also encouraged eliminating wasteful federal spending, maintaining needed military and veterans support and ensuring the long-term solvency of valued federal programs.

Realizing that many Idahoans could not attend the town hall meetings, I also hold iTownhall meetings that enable Idahoans from all parts of Idaho to participate via their telephone.  I also host town hall meetings in Washington, D.C., each Tuesday that Congress is in session, so that I have the opportunity to meet with any Idahoans who are in the area.  In addition, I am always interested in what you have to say through your e-mail comments on my official website, messages on Facebook, or in letters and phone calls to any of my offices.  My contact information can be found through the following link:

Our national challenges require continued engagement among all Americans to ensure that lasting solutions are achieved.  The input from Idahoans is helpful as we work to create the economic climate that facilitates American achievement.  Thank you, fellow Idahoans, for your thoughts and ideas. 


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