The deadline for tickets, Nov. 25th, at 5:00 p.m. has passed. You may still submit a request but will be placed on a waiting list and we may not be able to honor the request.

Inauguration Information

Tickets to the inauguration ceremony are ONLY for the ceremony and cannot be used for the Inaugural Parade, any inaugural balls or other inaugural events. Tickets are not necessary to view the inauguration ceremony; the tickets simply allow access to specific sections of the Capitol Grounds. There will be large sections of the National Mall that will be accessible to the general public; typically jumbo viewing screens are set up throughout the National Mall. Please note that there are many inauguration events, both official and non-official.

The Idaho congressional delegation will make every effort to distribute the tickets made available to Idahoans on a "first-come, first-served" basis to constituents. Idahoans will be given priority in ticket requests. However, due to anticipated demand and the limited number of tickets to the event, each request will be limited to four. If your party requires more than four tickets, please submit an additional request under the name of another member of your party; in the additional comments section for both, please note that your party is connected to the other party and use both names so that the requests can be connected. Handicapped access is provided in each section of tickets; therefore, there are no tickets specifically marked as handicapped-accessible.

Tickets to the event are REQUIRED for every person, including children and infants in arms. Full names and ages must be provided on the request form; make sure to include yourself (or the requesting individual) on the request form. The vast majority of tickets are standing-room only. Please provide an email address that is functional and regularly checked as this will be the primary method of communication with you regarding ticket disposition.

If your party requires more than four (4) tickets, please break it into groups of four (4) or fewer. Determine who the point of contact will be for the full party and list that person first on the first submission. Everyone in the group should have their name entered just once in the submission, including the selected point of contact. In the comment section of every submission, please list that the point of contact for this group is so-and-so (the name of the person who is the contact for the full party).

Please be sure to read the ticket guidelines and disclaimer on the form page. You will need to verify you have read the guidelines before you will be able to submit the form. 

Finally, do not submit duplicate requests to the Idaho congressional offices. Only one submission is required. Multiple submissions will not improve your chances for tickets and may result in difficulty in fulfilling your request.