I am honored to have the opportunity to advance objectives important to Idahoans through my Senate leadership roles and committee assignments.  My committee assignments for the 117th Congress are as follows:


Senate Finance Committee;

  • Ranking Member

Senate Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs Committee;

  • Member, Subcommittee on Securities, Insurance and Investment;
  • Member, Subcommittee on National Security and International Trade and Finance; and
  • Member, Subcommittee on Housing, Transportation and Community

Budget Committee

I also serve on the Joint Committee on Taxation.

Leadership Assignments

  • Chief Deputy Whip, Senate Republicans;
  • Co-Chair, Canada-U.S. Interparliamentary Group; and
  • During the time I served in the U.S. House of Representatives, I served in House Leadership as New Member Leader and Strategic Planning Leader and as Deputy Whip for the Western Region.


I also lead or serve on many caucuses, which provide an organized forum to join with others in advocating for a wide range of issues important to Idahoans.  For example, in response to a need for more public awareness and education, I formed the Congressional COPD Caucus, which is dedicated to educating Members of Congress about COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) and advocating for assistance and research.  I previously served as Co-Chairman of the Congressional Sportsmen's Caucus and the Western Water Caucus.  And, I am Co-Chair and founder of the Senate Nuclear Cleanup Caucus.  Some of these and other caucuses I am involved with are as follows:

  • Founder and Co-Chairman, Senate Nuclear Cleanup Caucus; 
  • Co-Chairman, Heart and Stroke Coalition;
  • Co-Chairman, Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency Caucus;
  • Founder, Congressional Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) Caucus;
  • Senate National Guard Caucus;
  • Air Force Caucus;
  • Congressional Sportsmen’s Caucus;
  • Senate Western Caucus;
  • Co-Chairman, Senate Impact Aid Coalition;
  • Senate Working Forests Caucus;
  • Senate Recycling Caucus;
  • Career and Technical Education Caucus;
  • Senate National Laboratory Caucus;
  • Congressional TRIO Caucus;
  • Senate Bipartisan Task Force for Combating Anti-Semitism and others.