News Releases

12-17-2014 Crapo Demands Answers from IRS on Civil Forfeitures
12-16-2014 Crapo Announces Committee Posts for 114th Congress
12-11-2014 Crapo, Risch Say Energy Costs Could Soar Under EPA Power Plan
12-01-2014 Crapo, Udall Lead Bipartisan Coalition on PILT, SRS Funding for Critical Local Government Services
11-20-2014 Crapo Statement On President Obama’s Executive Order on Immigration
11-20-2014 GAO Report Says FSOC Lacks Transparency, Accountability
11-18-2014 Crapo Introduces Legislation To Reduce Onerous Government Regulations On Job Creators
11-14-2014 McConnell Selects Crapo to Lead Committee on Committees
11-11-2014 Crapo Shares Results of Veterans Survey
11-07-2014 Crapo's Spirit Of Freedom Award to Be Presented On Veterans Day
11-07-2014 Crapo Statement on Loss of Two Idaho Guard Pilots
11-05-2014 Crapo Calls on Senate Leadership to Halt Forthcoming Executive Action on Immigration
11-05-2014 Crapo on INL Director's Departure
10-23-2014 Crapo Named ‘Friend of the Farm Bureau’
10-21-2014 Crapo Sets Public Meetings in Silver Valley, Benewah County
10-06-2014 Republican Senators Demand Answers on DOJ’s “Operation Choke Point”
10-02-2014 Crapo Sets Town Hall Meetings for Southwest Idaho
09-29-2014 Crapo To Hold Town Hall Meetings in Idaho Panhandle During October
09-23-2014 Crapo's Land Settlement Act Passes Senate
09-22-2014 GAO Confirms CFPB Massive Data Collection
09-18-2014 Crapo, Risch Vote against Obama Proposal to Aid Syrian Rebels
09-18-2014 Crapo, Risch Vote Against Continuing Resolution Spending Bill
09-18-2014 Crapo, Risch Both Named 'Taxpayers' Friend'
09-17-2014 Crapo Welcomes Fall 2014 Interns to Washington, Boise Offices
09-16-2014 Crapo Spring Internships Available
09-15-2014 Crapo To Host Statewide Tele-Townhall Meeting
09-11-2014 Crapo On ISIS Threat, 9-11 Anniversary
09-08-2014 Crapo on the Passing of Former Idaho First Lady Jacque Batt
09-08-2014 Crapo, Johnson on Housing Finance Reform Legislation CBO Score
08-28-2014 Idaho Delegation Urges Prompt Consideration of Agriculture Disaster Declarations

Last updated 04/25/2013