News Releases

05-27-2015 Crapo Statement on Obama Administration Finalizing “Waters of the U.S.” Rule
05-21-2015 Crapo: Operation Choke Point Undermines Second Amendment Rights
05-20-2015 Crapo Continues Town Meeting Schedule
05-18-2015 Crapo Sets North Central Idaho Town Meetings
05-12-2015 Risch, Crapo Vote to Free Abedini, Three Other American Prisoners in Iran
05-07-2015 Crapo Supports Passage of Bill To Give Congress Say In Any Iran Nuclear Agreement
05-07-2015 Crapo: Feds Must Keep Commitment To Work With Idaho To Avoid Sage-Grouse Listing
05-05-2015 Crapo-Wyden Wildfire Disaster Funding Act Gains Support of More Than 250 Organizations
05-05-2015 Crapo Supports Passage of Balanced Budget Agreement
05-05-2015 Crapo Measure To Direct More Money From Crime Fund to Victims
04-30-2015 Crapo, Risch Statement on Judicial Nomination Process
04-30-2015 Crapo Co-Sponsors Waters of the U.S. Bill
04-27-2015 Crapo Invites Idahoans to Join Him for AARP Town Meeting
04-24-2015 Crapo Notes Change in Veterans Care
04-22-2015 Crapo Supports Changes To Trade Bill
04-16-2015 Crapo Named to Budget Conference Committee
04-16-2015 Crapo Tops the List for the Most Town Hall Meetings Held in 2015
04-14-2015 Crapo, Risch Support Bill To Repeal Flawed SGR Formula, Extend County Payments
04-06-2015 Families of WWII Veterans to Receive Bronze Star, Purple Heart, Other Medals
04-06-2015 Idaho Leaders to Discuss Lake Lowell Agreement
03-27-2015 County Payments Included in Final Budget Framework
03-27-2015 Crapo, Wyden, Move Wildfire Funding Fix Forward
03-27-2015 Crapo: Dodd-Frank, CFPB Rules Must Be Included in 10-Year Regulatory Review
03-27-2015 Balanced Budget Passes Senate With Crapo's Support
03-26-2015 Crapo Adds North Idaho Town Meetings
03-25-2015 Crapo Co-Sponsors Permanent "Death Tax" Repeal
03-24-2015 Crapo Sets North Idaho Town Meetings
03-24-2015 Crapo Pushes for Renewed County Payments In Senate Budget Proposal
03-23-2015 Crapo On the Five-Year Anniversary of Obamacare

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