Our economy and way of life depend on reliable sources of energy.  It gets us from place to place, makes us comfortable at home or work, moves goods and products throughout our vast nation and is, in large part, one of the pillars of the quality of life that we enjoy.  It's important that we have diverse energy sources, not just the traditional fossil fuels--oil, petroleum,natural gas; but hydropower, nuclear, solar, wind, geothermal and other renewable and alternative energies should be part of that energy mix.  Conservation is also a very important part of a national energy policy.  Idaho has had a presence in energy research and development for many years.  In fact, the world's first usable electricity from nuclear energy was generated at the Idaho National Laboratory. This is just one example of many that reveals Idaho's active involvement in seeking out ways to advance our nation's energy security.

In my work in the Senate, I consistently seek out opportunities to promote a national energy policy that will lead us to less dependence on foreign sources. As a member of the Senate National Laboratory Caucus and Senate Renewables and Energy Efficiency Caucus, I am part of an effort to increase awareness of the various forms of renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies available.

As we enter a new era in technology, I will continue to support programs that expand and improve our nation's energy portfolio.

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Last updated 09/16/2014