Reading to children

In Congress, I have consistently worked to enact laws that achieve increased support for public education and preserve decision-making authority for states, local communities and especially local school boards. It is important that we provide a strong foundation for education, but there is a proper role for federal support of education.

The federal government can provide resources, research, incentives and direct support for needed educational objectives. Programs like Headstart, IDEA, Impact Aid, EPSCoR, vocational-technical education and child nutrition programs are just a few of the important successes we have achieved in this arena.

I will continue to be a strong advocate of these and other programs that solve problems and produce results for communities in Idaho and throughout our nation.

Useful Links:

  • The Congressional Research Service (CRS): This site is beneficial for students and parents seeking financial aid for education. The website includes an overview of federal student aid programs, links to private scholarship information, in addition to information for parents.
Last updated 04/23/2013