Crapo To CBO Director: Can We Continue To Spend Ourselves Into Prosperity On Borrowed Money?

Under questioning from Idaho Senator Mike Crapo, the head of the U.S. Congressional Budget Office (CBO) confirmed that our nation’s $18 trillion national debt remains a drag on the economy and job growth, and continued increased f...

Crapo Responds to the President's State of the Union Address

Idaho Senator Mike Crapo reacts to the President's sixth State of the Union address.

Crapo: Debt Crisis, Tax Reform Should Be Top Priority in SOTU Address

Idaho Senator Mike Crapo shares what he hopes to hear from the President in his sixth State of the Union address.

Crapo Supports Keystone XL Project

The State Department states the Keystone XL project will contribute $3.4 billion to U.S. gross domestic product. Approving the project will increase the diversity of the U.S. petroleum supply while creating jobs during its constr...

Crapo Supports Keystone

In the U.S. Senate's most recent vote to approve the Keystone XL Pipeline, Senator Mike Crapo voted to bolster the United States' energy independence.

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Crapo, Risch Praise Passage of Keystone Pipeline Bill

Washington, D.C. – U.S. Senators Jim Risch and Mike Crapo today joined a bipartisan majority of their Senate coll...(More)



Crapo to CBO Director: Can We Continue to Spend Ourselves Into Prosperity on Borrowed Money?

Washington, D.C.—Under questioning from Idaho Senator Mike Crapo, the head of the U.S. Congressional Budget Offic...(More)



Crapo Office Travels to Emmett and Mountain Home

Boise - To better assist Idahoans with questions and issues concerning federal agencies and policies, Idaho Senator Mik...(More)


From the Mailbag: Approve Keystone XL Pipeline

Senator Crapo has long supported the Keystone XL pipeline as it would provide a significant economic boost to our country. The $7 billion privately-funded pipeline project would create thousands of jobs and provide tax revenue to states along its route.

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Clear Need for Comprehensive Tax Reform

Crapo: "One of my top priorities in the new Congress remains reforming our nation's overly-burdensome tax code as part of creating a competitive, national economy that encourages innovation and job growth. As I travel our state, many Idahoans ask me can Congress find consensus to reform our tax code and to pay down our massive national debt. The answer is we are making some progress on key principles, but we need Idahoans and all Americans to push for agreement to get the job done."

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Crapo: Premature Retirement of the A-10 Would Put Troops at Increased Risk

Senator Crapo joined Senate colleagues at a press conference to advocate his continued support for the A-10 Warthog, an aircraft that has proven effective in close-air-support missions over Iraq and Afghanistan during the last decade. Crapo says that prematurely retiring the A-10 before its replacement has achieved full operational capability would put our troops at increased risk and undermine our nation's military readiness and capability.

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RESULTS: Fall 2014 Veterans Survey

During his recent time in Idaho, Senator Crapo met with hundreds of veterans and veterans' advocacy groups throughout the state, asking Idaho's veterans community to provide feedback about the quality of service and care they receive through the VA. More than 1,000 Idahoans took the time to share their unique experiences. (PDF, 4.35 MB)

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Crapo's Long Record of Opposing Obamacare

Senator Crapo voted against the Affordable Care Act when it was passed in 2009. Since then, Senator Crapo has been committed to delaying, defunding and repealing this harmful law. This YouTube playlist highlights the Senator's position and the serious economic consequences of Obamacare on Idaho's families and businesses.

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